The Recreation Committee sponsors the Harvest Festival, Youth Week, Breakfast with Santa, House Decorating Contest, Easter Egg Hunt, presents Farm of the Year and Farm Heritage Awards and oversees maintenance of township parks and recreation facilities. Volunteers are needed!



Frank LoBiondo Sr. Park During Harvest Festival

Comcast is one of the Harvest Festival's Major Sponsors. They also provide cartoon characters each year.


SignFest Winners in 2017.


Zeek on Stilts is a 3-decade part of the Festival.


Beautiful fireworks are the finale of the Festival.


Country star Chase Bryant headlined the Festival on Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017.



Thousands enjoy Skelly's Amusements Midway at the Harvest Festival.


John Barbagello, center, with Trish and Joe Spoltore. Long-time festival volunteers.


Twp. Committeeman Bruce Murphy with members of the Johnson family

 as renaming of Rosenhayn Park is announced at Harvet Festival.

Recreation Committee

Chairman ...... Roy Spoltore

Secretary........... Melody Montgomery

Twp. Committee Reps.: Anthony Brago


Other Committee Members:

Gloria Fields
JoAnn Fioresi
Carol Halter
Caroline Havens
Paul Hoffman
Angelo Manera
Rob Montgomery

Beverly & John O’Brien

Anthony Scafidi
Tina Truitt

Meeting are 7 pm in the municipal building as follows:

Feb. 15

March 11

April 12

May 17

June 21

July 19

Aug. 16

Sept. 6 & 20

Oct. 4 & 18

Nov. 29

Jan. 17, 2012

Feb. 15

March 11

April 12

May 17

June 21

July 19

Aug. 16

Sept. 6 & 20

Oct. 4 & 18

Nov. 29

Jan. 17, 2012


2018 Meetings

January 24th (Wednesday) 

February 28th (Wednesday)

March 28th (Wednesday)

April 25th (Wednesday)

May 23rd (Wednesday)

June 27th (Wednesday)

July 25th (Wednesday)

August 22nd (Wednesday)

September 5th (Wednesday)

September 26th (Wednesday)

October 24th (Wednesday)

November 28th (Wednesday)

 January 24, 2019 Re-Organization

Special Meetings / Events Scheduled on the Following Dates:

Easter Egg Hunt Saturday March 24th, 2018 10:00am - Rosenhayn Fire Hall grounds and Frank LoBiondo, Sr. Park

 Festival Decorating, Skirting  Tuesday October 3, 2018 - Rosenhayn Fire Hall grounds and Frank LoBiondo, Sr. Park

 Harvest Festival October 4, 5, 6 & 7, 2018 - Rosenhayn Fire Hall grounds and Frank LoBiondo, Sr. Park

 Breakfast with Santa Saturday December 1, 2018 - Deerfield Township Municipal Hall and Charlotte Brago Senior Center


Recreation Committee Sponsors Breakfast with Santa.




Deerfield Township Parks


Frank LoBiondo, Sr. Park - Morton Avenue near Rosenhayn Fire Hall. Open fields for baseball, etc., basketball, street hockey, tennis, playground and bandstand. Lighted for night play. Closed to public 10 pm to dawn.


Lincoln Memorial Park - Morton Avenue near railroad. Passive use only. Closed sunset to sunrise.


Eugenia Johnson Memorial Park (formerly Rosenhayn Park) - Vineland Avenue at Pine Street in Rosenhayn. Basketball and baseball. Closed sunset to sunrise.


Carmel Park (Memory of Morris April) - Sugarman Avenue just off of Irving Ave.. Basketball, baseball and playground. Closed sunset to sunrise.


Groups must reserve the parks for functions prior to use. Contact the municipal building for information well in advance.





Re-furbished Tennis Courts at Frank LoBiondo, Sr. Park



Left - Deerfield Farmer of the Year 2008 - Forevergreen Tree Farm, The Finley Family, center, the late Sam Pipitone, who was honored along with his family, right, with the Farm Heritage Award at the 2008 festival.








Harvest Festival







Deerfield Township 40th

Harvest Festival

Oct. , 4, 5, 6 & 7, 2018


Amusement rides, games, live music and children’s fun, arts & crafts, food court, displays, parade, fireworks and salute to farmer of the year.



Call the municipal building and let us know

that you'd like to join

the fun of planning

and presenting the Harvest Festival.

Join the festival volunteer team today!


Recreation Committee Meeting Minutes